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Get The Best Deals on Myrtle Beach Golf Packages for 2015


Dave before he lost his hair. This is why!

Myrtle Beach Golf Packages 2015

When we (here at The Golf Director) decided to venture into creating Myrtle Beach Golf Packages we were overwhelmed by the enormous amount of confusing data one has to deal with to create an offer. If the 15+ rate periods in each calendar year aren’t enough, add to that all the different rate periods associated with lodging…those rate periods do not line up with the golf rate periods, by the way. Then take into account there are varying tee time rates based upon time of day and day of booking. There are literally thousands of potential package rates for the same course and round based upon date, tee time, and booking date. We said to ourselves, “Hey y’all, (’cause that’s how we talk down here) if this is confusing to us, it has to be really hard for the golfers.” We know those who have been coming here year after year, have it figured out. But, for the first time visitor and less frequent visitor, we wanted to simplify the process. Let us save you from the confusion. Give us your basic needs, and well do the rest. Or, you can use our tools and information to get started, and will take over when you’re ready.

Could this be You?

Are you ordinary?

Pre-Planned Packages

To get around the confusion, many providers create pre-planned packages with selected courses and lodging. But beware, those rates vary depending upon the time of year. In many cases golfers settle for a pre-planned package to keep from being confused by all the variables. If you’re one of those settlers, we’ll give you one of the “canned” vacations the others are offering. But why be so ordinary?

Variety – The Spice of Life

Here at The Golf Director, we think you should have it your way. If you would rather have more options without the confusion, we think we have the solution. If you like planning, we’ll give you the tools and turn you loose. If you want us to do all the work, we’ll roll up our sleeves and get busy. Whether you need lodging or not, it is our goal to help you create the best possible Myrtle Beach golf vacation.

myrtle beach golf packages name your priceName Your Price

New for 2015, The Golf Director has rolled out our Name Your Price offer. For those totally focussed on budget and want the absolute most fun possible within a set price, we’ll take a stab at it. Just fill out our Package Planner HERE and tell us how much per player you want to spend, and we’ll start shopping for the best deal to meet your wishes. Keep in mind, we’re price shoppers, not price magicians and miracle workers…be reasonable. We’ll quickly let you know the possibilities for your budget.

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I want to say thank you for all of your help in planning our golf trip to Myrtle Beach. We had an amazing time. The Legends courses and condos were great, and we were especially glad we got to play Oyster Bay.

Please keep an eye out for something in the mail over the next week as a token of our gratitude.

Thank you again, and I hope to work with you again next year.

Kyle Warren Kyle Warren

New Jersey, The New York Mets

Hi Dave,

Just want to thank you for the excellent service. You certainly make booking a trip to Myrtle Beach a breeze. We are looking forward to a fantastic week and will certainly let you know how it went when we return to Canada.

All the best, Terry Terry Wheeler

Ontario, Canada